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Hydropower as a solution for ecology and the environment: the LIFE projects at VERBUND! Find out now about 6 projects that are restoring lost habitats in a coordinated approach. This is how we combine sustainable power generation with biodiversity.

LIFE+ Traisen

Between 2009 and 2019, LIFE+ Traisen created a unique river landscape with a mosaic of existing and new habitats.

The picture shows the first successes of the renaturation project on the Traisen: natural water, trees, shrubs and meadows under a bright blue sky.

LIFE+ Netzwerk Donau

Three fish migration aids, four locations, five measures: between 2016 and 2020, project leader VERBUND and its partners implemented extensive improvements for water bodies and biodiversity along the Danube in Austria. 

A bright blue sky is reflected in the water, which is part of the fish migration aid near Abwinden-Asten.

LIFE Network Danube Plus

The LIFE Network Danube Plus project links the habitats along the VERBUND Danube power plants Altenw├Ârth and Greifenstein.

The drone flight over the Altenwörth power plant shows the construction progress of the fish migration aid, which can be seen in this picture on the left below the power plant. The newly created sandbanks are still clearly visible.

LIFE Riverscape Lower Inn

In the coming years, the project partners in Bavaria and Upper Austria will implement numerous measures for the ecological development of the river landscape on the Lower Inn.

Aerial view of a river power plant, a forested area in the foreground and agricultural fields in the background.

LIFE Blue Belt Danube Inn

VERBUND is connecting the last previously interrupted habitats along the Danube and Inn with this huge program.

The aerial photo shows the section of the Inn before the Ering-Frauenstein Inn power station. The fish migration aid can be seen on the left-hand side of the image next to a section of forest. In the centre of the image is the renaturalised section of the Inn, which shines in a dark blue. The renaturalised area is fully overgrown with trees and bushes. In the background of the picture you can see the further course of the Inn as well as the landscape with villages and fields in various colours.